Worst Cereals of All Time and The Miracle of Appliances - 2 New Anorak Posts

These haven't been super popular on Anorak (at least not yet - sometimes it takes a while for the word to get out).  However, I'm particularly fond of these as they're both right up my alley. Give 'em a click - they might be worth a look.


  1. Very interesting, Gilligan! Brought back a lot of memories.
    Personally, I LOVED Pink Panther Flakes! They had more sugar coating than regular Frosted Flakes. And they made pink milk!
    Also, I'd sure like to get that garbage disposal in the second article that can grind up steak bones and corncobs! Maybe they made them better back then...mine dumps out on me if I deign to put a piece of celery in there.

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  3. For some reason I remembered Pink Panther cereal as crisped rice. Of course, the best thing I remember about it was the SSP-Racer-like Pink Panther mobile that came in the box with the ripcord. My mom wouldn't buy Pink Panther cereal for me (not sure why since she had no problem with Cap'n Crunch), so my grandma bought it for me when I slept over.