Vintage Style #29: Chick Slacks

I'm not a huge fan of the slacks look for women (as you may have guessed).  The problem began in the mid sixties - before then, women never wore pants.  The Capri got a heavy lift from Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, and with the coming of Women's Lib, pants were fair game for all women.  Of course, who can complain about the skin tight jeans that became popular in the mid seventies.... but this post isn't about jeans. We're talkin' slacks.

The term itself is rarely used anymore.  "Slacks" is basically synonymous with "pants" or "trousers" (another rarely used word). I could easily have titled this post "Chick Pants", but the pants of the seventies just seem to fit the term "slacks" so much better.

A note about bell bottoms:  The cuffs would graze the floor and create a dangerous amount of static electricity.  You could shock the shit out of your friends by touching them with your finger.

Plus, women generally wore platforms or wedges, otherwise their feet would be completely lost beneath the umbrella of the bell bottom.

But enough jibba jabba. Time for some chick slacks.  Enjoy the Gallery of Shame (or Pride, depending on your preference).

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[17-18] The jumpsuit deserves a post by itself.  Love it.





[26] My favorite.



  1. I want a pair of bell bottoms so badly. Though I don't want them super long as I hate wearing heels. (What? I'm fat and heels hurt!)

    I have ugly legs so I love to hide them in slacks and loose fitting jeans. You might hate them, but for those of us with legs that shouldn't be seen for the good of humanity, slacks and jeans are a Godsend.

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    "Bend over pants"... Jesus.

  3. "We know what you want to wear...because you told us". Who the hell did they ask?

    I blame three people for those flares that are so big they cross time zones: 1. Gloria Steinham, the feminist activist who seemed to never be out of massive flares and a turtleneck sweater, even long after they both were fashionable. 2. Kate Jackson. She'd take out villains on Charlie's Angels by merely swinging a pants leg in their direction. 3. Lindsay Wagner. Flares did not look better in slow motion.

  4. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    "Bend Over" pants..new from Levis. Don't forget to pair them with their snazzy co-ordinates from the "Phil McKrackin" Collection!

  5. "Can't stand still". Good description of itchy polyester, but not really a selling point!

  6. Ugh, the ugly Charlie's Angel. She had the stupidest looking hair ever.

  7. Those polyester bell bottoms look okay on models in catalogs, but the reality was a bit different. The upper part of the slacks were so tight, most women had visible panty lines, and sometimes, they would reveal unflattering cellulite on the thighs. I was happy to see that trend go away.

    1. What's honestly wrong with VPLs? Least it means she's wearing panties to start with.

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    I found it ironic that a lot of women who wore "slacks" looked like they were poured into them. Sometimes the effect was flattering, sometimes not. I recall a teacher at my high school who wore skintight white slacks over bright red bikini panties... I paid a lot of attention in class that day, didn't hear a word she said.

  9. Bend over slacks, when you absolutely, positively are in the mood for pancakes

  10. Shelley Hack alert in picture number 23.

  11. Respectfully, Gilligan, I disagree. I love a good mini as much as the next guy, but women in pants can be awesome, and bell-bottoms even better. Laura Petrie's capris may have been cute, but they had nothing on Mary Richards' big, floppy bells and big, floppy shirt collars.

  12. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    I still dream of my favorite slacks the girls wore back then called "Dittoes". Best of all were the ones the dirty, stoner girls wore called, "Rag City Blues", with a zipper that ran all the way around the crotch.

    1. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

      Why do they all stand the same way? It's like the are in a broadway show sing, "Anchors Away????"

  13. Hello, I loved this post!
    Can you, please, tell me from what catalog the first picture is? xx

  14. I'd completely forgotten about Levi's Bend Over slacks, they were a staple of my career wardrobe in my late teens and into my twenties.
    When I'd match them with a nice blouse and high heels, along with a pair of Underalls to prevent VPL, I'd feel like quite the professional little secretary. Lol